Oxford, MS, last week of July
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Please help me make the most of my vacation (staying just outside Oxford) the last week of July (7/28-8/1). (The Faulkner conference will take place the previous week - dang.) I am familiar with the town generally, but plan to be showing it (and north MS generally) off to a friend those last few days. Thacker Mountain Radio does not have a schedule posted for then, nor does Square Books, nor the Ford Center. I know it is a ridiculous time of year to travel there, but that's not negotiable. Any ideas?
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You know, I would just call Square Books and chat them up. Explain your situation and ask if they have any events planned for that time frame.
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Probably on your radar, but get up early and walk around the Grove (Ole Miss quad) one day. Something magical about an early summer day on a beautiful, abandoned campus before it gets insanely hot.
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thanks for these good suggestions - just want to be sure I'm not missing something. Seeking out those conversations might be a good way to go in general.
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The Oxford Visitors Bureau has an event calendar, and would also be a good bet for calling to ask for ideas. Otherwise, the University Museum is open and air-conditioned, making it a good fit for something to see in the afternoon (same goes for the libraries.)

And there's always McPhail's Chevron if you're up for some chicken-on-a-stick. Next time I visit Oxford, that may be the first place I go (it's been too long!)
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Eating wise, Big Bad Breakfast, City Grocery, and Snack Bar are the go to restaurants because of John Currence. That time of the year is perfect to get a bite to eat because most of the students are gone and only townies are bumming around. Also, check out B's BBQ, Volta Taverna, and Ajax. Volta is greek and Ajax is quality "southern" cooking.

If you want to booze it up a little bit, City Grocery is a good place to go. Nice view of the Square from the balcony. The Blind Pig is also a good place to grab a drink and see some local music (be on the look out for "Light Beam Rider").

Other highlights: The Grove. Have a picnic there or something.
Sardis Lake. At one time you could drive right up to the lake from College Hill Rd. But I havent been out there in a few years.
The town of Taylor, MS. Just a few miles from Oxford. Nice little artist's community. Same goes for Water Valley, MS.

For more info about goings on in Oxford, check out The Local Voice.
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For breakfast/lunch: Bottletree Bakery.

Haven't been, but have wanted to: Morgan Freeman's Ground Zero Blues Club (2h away in Clarksdale)
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Lamar Lounge got bought by John Currence and added a BBQ pit to go with their burgers. Great for lunch and happy hour people watching on the patio.

And you're going to Taylor Grocery for catfish, right? Good.

Hit Rowan Oak and spend some time wandering the mostly-shady grounds, there's a trail into the woods if you're motivated. Stays reasonably cool. The rail-to-trail that starts by the old Whirlpool plant is also nice.

The University archives on the top floor of the library have some neat memorabilia and a huge collection of Blues records you can listen to, I've found the staff helpful.
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Gosh, thanks for each of these! Great ideas - I feel much better prepared now.
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