Music that makes me feel big feelings about being small
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I love thinking about the vastness of space, the long arc of the cosmic time scale, the complexity of connections in various systems. I find thinking about these big ideas creates a pleasurable feeling in my body, and putting them to music is even more moving. Examples of favorites include Peter Mulvey's "Vlad the Astrophysicist" and Symphony of Science's "We Are All Connected". What other songs combine music and big scientific ideas about how small and insignificant humans are?
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They Might Be Giants - Particle Man
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The Galaxy Song by Eric Idle
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different kind of song, but your question reminded me of this song by Kimya Dawson .
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Yakko's Universe from Animaniacs. "It's a big universe and we're not!"
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This is also one of my passions/interest, although the songs that reflect this to me may not be the same for you OP, but nonetheless, here are some of my favorites besides the Symphony of Science, which you already listed:

-Symphony of Science's Monsters of the Cosmos (about black holes)

-Major Tom, by either Peter Schilling

-Chris Hadfied singing from the ISS

-Feynman lectures to music, such as curiosity - if you like this, see the rest of the series . There is also a Sagan series, too. (Previously)
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The Barenaked Ladies theme song to the show Big Bang Theory.

They Might be Giants- Why Does the Sun Shine?
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The Polyphonic Spree - "Light & Day/Reach for the Sun"

Moby - "We Are All Made of Stars"
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Also: Camper van Beethoven's "She Divines Water"

Talking Heads: "And She Was"
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I *think* I get that feeling you're describing from Björk's "Oceania."
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Implicit because it's an instrumental track, but Murray Gold's The Impossible Planet from the Doctor Who episode of the same name gives me precisely this same feeling.
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"Space is Deep" and about a hundred other early Hawkwind songs.
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