Podcasts exploring how a topic interesects other areas
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One of my favourite Youtube series is Extra Credits. This series is centered around games, but it explores any number of related topics from games in education, the business of making games, careers in the game industry, religion, psychology, social issues.... Are there any other podcasts or video series where the creator has strong expertise in a particular topic, but relates in to a broad range of other areas?
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If you are interested in the intersection of Pop Culture (technology, literature, music, movies) with religion, myth, and esoterica, then I believe you are looking for The Sync Book .com/ Sync Podcast Family.

Incidentally, they are having a conference in Olympia, Washington the weekend of August 8th, The Olympia Sync Summit.

I especially like certain eps of 42 Minutes (available on iTunes) for this, and ALL of Always Record (available RSS through the website.)

I especially enjoyed the 42 Minutes ep with Gary Valentine, a former member of BLONDIE, and any Always Record eps referencing Stanley Kubrick or Philip K. Dick. Oh!! And especially especially the 42 Minutes ep with the interview of Philip K. Dick's widow - WOW!!
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99% invisible looks at design across a wide variety of stuff.
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99% Invisible absolutely. Planet Money also does this well.
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On Being is a podcast where the host's expertise is in religion, and the guests' expertise is sometimes in a particular religion or school of philosophy, or in various other areas such as science, literature, music, and so on.
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Lots of stuff in the Radiotopia collective is really cool, especially 99% pi, which is hands down my favorite podcast right now. I was hooked the moment that Roman Mars hosted the soundtrack to Jon Mooallem's Book with Black Prairie.

No one mentioned RadioLab which is probably a little too obvious. Keep in mind that a bunch of episodes are only on the website and can't be accessed (as far as I know) through the iTunes subscription. All of them are amazing, but if you're just getting started, try Time, Games, or Loops. Those are sexy and very different from everything else you've ever heard, and they feature some big guns in storytelling, like Lulu Miller (<3).

Try Freakonomics, On the Media and their sister podcast TLDR, the others are right, Planet Money (esp. Chana Joffe-Walt who recently left for This American Life), is bananas, super good. Science for the People is on the wonky side of cool, but still definitely worth a listen to if there's a specific subject you need to cram for. Also, Slate's Lexicon Valley, which is hosted by the inimitable Bob Garfield and Mike Vuolo. They have great chemistry together.
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