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I need help finding a hairstylist that listens!

I need a haircut, preferably something daring and asymmetrical. I currently have a hairdresser that I have seen over the past several years, but I feel like she never gives me exactly what I want......she seems to stay on the cautious side, always giving me something more conservative than what I ask for. I have brought in pictures, etc to no avail.

So, my question is, does anyone have any suggestions for a hairdresser in New Hampshire? It might be a tall order, but I want to find someone who is really creative and isn't shy about trying something unconventional. Either that, or is really exact with following through with what the client wants.

Thanks all!
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I don't live in New Hampshire, so I can't give you specifics, but when I wanted my hair cut in a daring way, I went to a hair design academy. Students don't seem to have so many preconceived notions about clients do or don't want, and they listen REALLY well when you tell them, "This and this and that," and they BELIEVE you when you say it (I had a hell of a time getting my hair as short as I wanted it before I went to a student academy, because stylists would second-guess me and make it longer or more feminine.)

Also, it will be significantly cheaper, the students will have a fully-trained stylist or two looking over their shoulder the whole time, and they will be SO HAPPY to have someone come in and give them a real, interesting stylistic project, instead of a trim. Mine turned into this really awesome haircut-by-committee, because everyone was so excited that someone wanted a dramatic change, that it ended up being the glorious creation of the whole staff & cohort. Best haircut/color I've ever gotten!
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Came in to say exactly what WidgetAlley said. Students are thinking about how to accomplish what you're asking for, not what *they* think will look good on you. I'm not sure I could go back to a regular salon now, honestly.
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What about seeking out a place in an artsy city like Portsmouth, or a University town like Durham? Or a larger metro place like Manchester? There might be more open minded hair people in the larger more liberal cities.
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I highly recommend Aiden James Salon in Nashua, NH. Very professional, and cutting edge. They compete in various hairstyling competitions, and always win awards.
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I have had this problem too, and hopefully Mefites will have some good recommendations for you (I have a few in other areas but not NH), but I have a different piece of advice: dress the part. I've found I'm more likely to get the haircut I'm after when I wear clothes that would go with it, that indicate the same sorts of traits.
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I live in a different state, but I got some great answers to my question that might help you out.
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