The Ballad of Hillary Clinton?
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I just discovered the awesomeness that is Amelia Earhart's Last Flight [SLYT]. I'm looking for other songs about women who made an impact, historical or modern - if you know of a tune about Catherine the Great, Margaret Meade, Freya Stark, etc please share!
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The Indigo Girls have Virginia Woolf.
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Here's two very different tunes about Ada Lovelace
Philadelphia Freedom is about Bille Jean King.
And then there's Maude.
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I love this one: I Won't Be Your Yoko Ono
Seneca Falls (camp-song style)
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Joni Mitchell, of course, has the stunning "Amelia" which uses Earhart as a metaphor for the risks of spending your life unrooted and ungrounded.
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Hmm. Maybe Leonard Cohen - Joan of Arc?

By the way, "Amelia Earhart's Last Flight ... women who made an impact"? Be careful how you phrase things.
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Woody Guthrie's song about Miss Pavlichenko
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If you're interested in kitschy disco songs: Anne-Karine Strøm, Mata Hari, the Norwegian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 1976.
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Heather Dale, "Joan" (of Arc).
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Nanci Griffith has a song called Pearl's Eye View (The Life of Dickey Chapelle. Chapelle was a photojournalist who worked as a war correspondent during WWII & Vietnam.
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Valerie Plame by the Decemberists.
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