Does twitter ads hold itself accountable for followers it did not get?
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Debating using Twitter ads at the company where I work- you only pay if the ads actually work, according to twitter - only if people follow you, they say. Our question - if it charges per follower, is it per follower who clicked through the ad and ended up clicking follow after being led there by the ad, or does it charge for every single - even organic or gained otherwise - follower you or your company or brand amass during the time the ad is running? This is a very big distinction as far as I am concerned.
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The first.
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Yes, they track which actions are a result of ads and which are more organic. Their metrics are fairly comprehensive and you can see which tweets generated which actions from users. They also had a metric called effective cost per engagement, which basically meant the click from your ad cost you x but it generated these y additional clicks/follows/whatever so your effective cost per engagement is x/y
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Keep in mind that a ton of robots and hucksters also use twitter and will follow anyone who buys an ad. Twitter will charge you no matter if they click through your ad and follow you. It's an ok way to build a following, but not as cost effective as simply engaging with people.
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