Looking for neurologist and other doctors in Northern Louisiana
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I am moving to Northern Louisiana and looking for a neurologist who treats idiopathic neuropathy and an internist who is sympathetic to chronic pain.

I am looking for

1) a neurologist who treats idiopathic neuropathy, CRPS

2) a doctor of internal medicine who is sympathetic to chronic pain patients

I am willing to go just about anywhere in the region, but I hope that I can find someone not too far away.

More than doctors tied to a research hospital, I am looking for ones who will look at my history, listen to me, and help me figure out where to go from here. So maybe the smaller the practice the better.

I do not want to start with a pain management clinic. I did that when I moved across country once and it created a big mess. However, if you have a recommendation along those lines (pain management, anesthesiology), I am all ears.

I'd also like to find doctors of physical rehabilitation medicine (physiatrists) and psychologists who work with patients like me.

throwaway account at Qmefi@hotmail.com
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Have you tried looking for recommendations on the RSD/CRPS/Neuropathic Pain bulletin boards yet? There are also few curated lists online like http://www.thblack.com/links/rsd/all-states-doctors-list.pdf . If you really can't find something, you might try calling practices in the Houston Medical Center and see if they have any suggestions in Louisiana.

CRPS sucks. Good luck in your search for a provider.
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