Maytag top loading washing machine stopped working & filled with water
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I washed a pillow in my washing machine last night; the machine kept stopping during the cycle. I would re-adjust the pillow and re-start. Before it got to the spin cycle, when the machine was still filled with water, it stopped completely. My husband is pretty handy but he can't figure this one out. Before I spend 100-200.00 on a service call, does anyone have any suggestions?
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Check the water level switch and the hose that connects to it?
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Ours did something like that, and it ended up being the lid switch- the machine will fill up with water, but would not go into the spin cycle, because the door needed to be latched to do so. It's actually pretty easy to fix, if you can find the part!
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You've probably already done it, but have you tried taking the pillow out, gently sort of jiggling the drum, and attempting to re-start without the pillow in it? I've had this happen with things like duvets and pillows, and that's always fixed it.
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Maytag Washing Machine Off Balance

Resetting a Maytag dependable care washer lid switch....

Maytag's dependable care model washers have a built in off-balance mechanism that can/will shut off the washer during the spin modes if an off-balance load occurs. Instead of allowing the washer baskets to crash and bash around, Maytag uses the lid switch and off-balance mechanism to shut the washer off to protect the washer. You may check on the washer and see the timer dial pointing in one of the spin modes and the washer is sitting there "dead". Do not push in the timer button. You must lift the lid all the way will/should hear a "ka-klunk" noise, this is the off-balance mechanism resetting when you open the lid fully. Do not forget to rearrange the clothes in the basket and then close the lid and the washer should continue through the cycle.

The odd time a really violent or funky off-balance load has occurred and the lid switch assembly has been bashed and broken. If this has happened, you will need to access under the washers top panel and either repair or replace the damaged part.
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Thanks much, all. We will see if we can figure it out tonight based on all of your helpful instructions.
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For future reference the recommended practice is to wash two pillows at once, one on either side of the washer so that they balance each other out.
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OMG I'M HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM WITH MY WASHING MACHINE. I was on the verge of posting an AskMe about it, too.

I will try the suggestions given to the OP above but if anyone knows if there's anything different/specific for Kenmores, please let me know.
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Once again, you guys are AMAZING and do not disappoint! I went home last night, shared your comments with my husband, he jiggled the drum, and that did the trick! Thank you ALL so very much for your feedback!!! Since we haven't run a load yet since the fix, I will keep this thread open for a little while longer. With gratitude and appreciation, htm
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