Mens Pants Filter - Either the butt or the waist fits, but not both
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Whenever I shop for pants or shorts, almost everything I try on either has a tight waist and comfortable butt, or tight butt and too-loose waist. This applies across various brands. I like to say that I'm little in the middle but I got much back, but my proportions aren't that strange. Skinny jeans don't fit me, but I'm not going for pleated dockers, either. I wear approximately a 30" waist and 28" inseam. Guys, can you recommend any brands that solve this problem?
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How old are you? Are you a serious runner? If you are under 23 I would advise looking for XL youth sizes from popular brands - they will probably fit you better than adult sizes.

If you are over 23 are you an athlete? There are brands I can recommend but they would depend where you live and your budget??
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Are you looking specifically for jeans? Because I'm slightly larger and taller than you and I have the same problem. Pants in an equivalent size is easier to find something that fits.

I have found good-fitting pants from Lands End Canvas, and they're pretty reasonably priced. Brooks Brothers generally also has stuff that fits, and they have some preppy-casual pants that may or may not be your taste. In general, you might try looking for more old-fashioned men's shops - things tend to be cut slightly fuller and the overall silhouette is a less shape-hugging.
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Bonobos are casual and fit well (for me). You might try them.
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My measurements are close to that - try Dockers D3 (Classic Fit) or D4 (Relaxed Fit) flat front and Merona (Target house brand) Ultimate Flat Front Pants. With a 28" inseam you'll probably have to buy 30x30 and have them hemmed.
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2nd Bonobos.
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I had this problem, until I started getting my clothes altered.

Buy pants that are large enough for your butt, then go to a seamstress and have her bring in the waist. It's easy, costs like $10, and you will love having clothes that fit you again.
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Try online made-to-measure services, like Luxire.
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I have the same problem. I wear a 29" Waist, 30" Inseam. I found out years ago that a woman's size four is perfect for me. Honestly, what I do is go to thrift stores, and search the women's racks. Obviously I can't just pick out any pair of women's pants. I go for corduroy, dress slacks, some jeans brands. The trick here is to only buy pairs that look at the least unisex. Most name brands easily double for men or women. (The Tommy Hilfiger tag looks the same on both.)
Think to yourself; Does this pair of pants look like it could be in the mall, in the men's department?
Another trick I use for brand new clothes, though I use it less, is to shop at the (non-politically correct term) "Fat-Little-Boys Section". It is true that today's American kids are larger than past generations. If I look for size 12-14-16 in the boys section, I find it has a 85% chance of fitting. One other perk of this method; most often the boys selection is just a downsized selection of the men's department, but 2/3 the price. This department is great for shorts, sweats, not so much jeans.
I have far better luck being a super smart shopper in the women's department.
I, and other's, have described my style of dress as "Time-traveler from the Future", FWIW.
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I have this problem except it's my thighs and not my butt. I second that Bonobos tend to fit me pretty well, as do the classic fit (ironically) khakis from Gap.

But I've also done the thing where I buy a slightly larger waisted pant that fits my thighs and then have the waist taken in. It's usually a super cheap alteration, and gives you a lot of options.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. To answer the Qs above: I'm over 23, athletic but not with with crazy proportions - kind of like a soccer player's build. Midwest, and usually shop at Marshall's, Kohl's, Macy's, Plato's Closet, etc. Skeptical of paying over $50 for jeans unless they're really good.
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