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I am hunting for the original source for this Shel Silverstein image.

I have been through what I think is nearly every book, including a 20th anniversary edition of "Light in the Attic" which was suggested that is the source. I need the title and publication date for where this image can be found.

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A reverse image search doesn't turn up anything, nor does a Google Images search for Shel Silverstein line art. These are my fairly obvious ideas on how to find something like that. Just posting FYI.
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I found that image here with a caption reading:
This belongs to Margaret: "I got this tattoo as a tribute to my favorite author, Shel Silverstein. What better way to show your love for an author/illustrator than to have their work on you forever. I’ll never be without a book again. Done by Shelly Thompson at Magick Dragon Tattoo in Gainesville, GA."
...but there's a strikethrough on "Magick Dragon Tattoo." Still, it might be a lead? (Good luck!)
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The image can be found in Silverstein's 2010 Poetry Month event kit, found on his website here. I'm not sure if it's original for that, or if it can also be found in a book, but there it is!
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While I'm not sure where it IS, I can confirm two places it's not. This picture is not in either "where the sidewalk ends" not in "a light in the attic".
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Silverstein is published by HarperCollins. Try calling or emailing them.
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Best answer: Mixedmetaphors's link has a copyright notice saying "Art © 1981 Evil Eye Music, Inc. © 2009 Evil Eye, LLC. All rights reserved," which matches the copyright information on the special edition of A Light in the Attic with the gold cover and 12 new poems. The illustration is on page 177, accompanying "The Books I Have Not Read."
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