Why are computers so mysterious?
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I am trying to figure my new Samsung Galaxy 2014 tablet, can anyone recommend some specific video tutorials?

Trying to learn how to do things feels like an elaborate scavenger hunt and I am just not getting the clues. I have searched for tutorials and while I find reviews and demonstrations where someone tears through all of the possible things this tablet can do at lightening speed, I cannot find any video tutorials that just walk me through various functions. Handwriting recognition is supposed to be available, the manual references it but not how to implement it. One of the few demo videos I found refers to an icon I don't seem to have. I feel like a dope because apparently every single person in the world knows how to do these things.
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Sorry don't have specific tutorials but don't feel dumb a lot of folks have a harder time even turning one on. Usability is just not always done well on some new tech. Also try looking for topic on the operating system which looks to be "Android 4.3 Jelly Bean".
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It would also help to know what specific things you wanted to be able to do with your device. Some functionality requires third-party programs, some stuff is built-in, and it'd take a long time to enumerate every possibility.

Don't feel bad about not knowing these things. They are not always very intuitive, and tutorials are only as good as the assumptions that went into making them. That said, don't be afraid to experiment, especially with a new device.
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