Need a little, silly book
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I have a young friend graduating from high school - I would like a cute little book to include with a gift certificate as a gift and could use some suggestions....

When her brother graduated, since we had always teased him about his table manners, we gave him a tiny little etiquette book with a gift certificate tucked inside. He got a kick out of it. This young woman has a somewhat serious demeanor (her family teases that she was "born grown-up") so I would like to have a little book about something ... silly. Being silly, staying silly, taking oneself less seriously, or just random goofiness (knock knock jokes, non-raunchy humor of some kind). Any ideas?

Amazon available is preferable.

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Dr. Seuss? Lots of good ones.
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Does she like short novels at all? The Thirteen Clocks, by James Thurber, is an extremely silly book. But it also has a quest/leaving for a bright future theme. And they've republished it in a really nice facsimile edition.
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Dr Suess. "The Places You'll Go."
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Or what about Young Adult Novel by Daniel Pinkwater? It's hiLARious, it really is.
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The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce (that's a really nice Folio Society edition that's still rather small, but there's also a nice little hardcover ed. illustrated by Ralph Steadman that's rather spectacular and not so pricey)

Mountain Man Dance Moves is like condensed surreality.
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Curious You is cute.

I love the idea of Mountain Man Dance Moves too.
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One of Shel Silverstein's poetry books (Where the Sidewalk Ends is a classic). I would have loved to get one for graduation.
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I was an overly serious teenager. I wish someone had given me some Dorothy Parker. Some of the stories in this are silly, many of the poems are self-deprecating, all of them are excellent.

Maybe not quite as goofy-silly as you meant, but it might be a good fit for this girl?
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Oh! The Places You'll Go!
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Wreck This Journal isn't exactly silly but falls under taking things less seriously.
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Thanks so much - upon looking at Wreck This Journal I realized that while it wasn't quite what I was asking for - it was exactly what I needed. Ordering now!

The other suggestions are also awesome and cute & I really appreciate the help!
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There was a book a former colleague kept on her desk. It was called "All of my friends Are Dead"

It is a great coffee table book. It has a dinosaur on it and kind of laughs about the tough stuff in life. like if you are dinosaur knowing all your friends are dead.
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Oh my goodness, I LOVE "All of my friends are dead"!
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This blank book?
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Maybe "In Me Own Words: The Autobiography of Bigfoot" by Graham Roumieu (sorry no link -- on phone)? He also wrote a really funny book about squirrels.
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How about The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery? It's a good little book for young and old.
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