Mr Motivator I am not
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I have 2 weeks left to write a pre-production document. But I cant get motivated. I don't feel I know what I'm doing. I'm always tired. Always have more interesting things to do. Help me get motivated.

The pre-production document is for a university project. Marketing my course. I'm doing it as a kind of favour to my tutor (who wants things revamped, but doesnt have the time to do it himself). It's a good project, but I feel that it's HIS project, not mine. So I'm having a hard time writing about it.

It doesnt help that I seem to be constantly tired, putting up with pressure from my part-time job, my life, or that I'm motivated to do anything else but this work (such as write an AskMeFi question!).

How can I get myself motivated and back on track?
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I've recently started using the "(10+2)*5" trick to pretty good effect. I'm finding it easier to get started on difficult tasks when I know I'm going to take a break after ten minutes, and once I've actually gotten started, finishing is much easier.
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There've been about ten questions on this same topic at AskMe before :-) Not a snipe, but that's a useful starting point.

Also, and I forget what they call them, but try the concept I call the "boost" system. Basically, promise to only do ten minutes of the task. Set a timer, even. After ten minutes is up, you can do whatever you want. Then just boost for ten minutes. You'll tend to find you get into the rhythm and want to carry on!
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Aha, that's what I was thinking of.. a "dash". jacoblan beat me to it :)
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You say that its a favour - are you doing it to be nice or as a repayment or a (karma/reward) gaining experience?

If it *is* your tutor's responsibility, maybe *they* should be dealing with it and not you.

When I have tedious project which I'm not particularly interested in, but have to fulfill, I just make myself start. It's kind of like static vs. dynamic (once something's in motion) friction - static friction has a higher k than dynamic.

It's hard to get started and sometimes I'll set a small reward for myself (a 1/2lb gourmet bacon, a bottle of Black Bushmill instead of 1608, a 1/2hr at the massage therapist, &c) which is redeamable when the project's completed.
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Response by poster: The pre-production pack is marked, so it is my job, the tutor cant do it.

I'm doing it for experience and karma (i guess). I guess I'm also doing it because if it's something my tutor asked me to do, it may help my marks.

The "(10+2)*5"method actually started to work yesterday, and now that the ball is rolling I'm starting to find it easier.

1/2lb gourmet bacon, a bottle of Black Bushmill instead of 1608, a 1/2hr at the massage therapist

You realise I'm a student right? ;)
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