Loved the game "Titanic, Adventure Out of Time" - alas, it is no more.
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I have a Mac Book Pro and, as much as I have inquired, it seems that wonderful game is just not compatible with Mac any longer. Does anyone know of any possible way I could still resurrect or play it? It was fantastic. A total recreation of every detail of the ship plus you solve a cool mystery. If not possible to recreate - is there anything similar, i.e. shipboard mystery? No X box. Thank you.
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I imagine the Windows version would (maybe) work using Wine or Crossover.
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Starship Titanic.
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It took me quite a bit of googling, but it appears that the game designer put it on the web at .

If that doesn't work-
My first thought was to pirate Windows XP and run it in Virtual Box, but it appears to be quite challenging to make the game work on any modern version of windows, and getting it to work in a pre XP windows has it's own challenges.

If I had to guess, there are some PPC and 68000 mac emulators out there that would play the game, and that would probably be the easiest way to make it work.
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The Last Express recreates a murder on the Orient Express, and it's just a fantastic, fantastic game.
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This Metafilter post may be relevant.
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the site wotsac linked above also has a DOS version for download, that should work in Boxer (a DOS emulator based on bochs that's specifically designed for playing old games)
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yep, I just downloaded the offline archive and it launches fine in Boxer.

unzip the package, set the WIN31 directory as drive C:, Titanic_CD1.iso as drive D:, then go to C: and run autoexec.bat - this will launch Windows and drop you straight in to the game.
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It's not quite the same, but I love that game too, and recently watched someone play through the whole game on Youtube. Here's Part I.
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I, too, love this game, and was trying to play it on my PC several years ago. If you still have the disc and can get access to Windows 7, I think followed these instructions, and I seem to recall being able to play (though I just tested the first in-the-office scene). I'm pretty computer-dumb, but was able to do everything described.
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