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I want to rent a small cabin in Michigan's Upper Peninsula for a couple of nights (June 27-29). I'm having trouble finding the things I want.

-Relatively small/cheap
-Hiking trails
-Good night-sky seeing
-Not 50 feet from another cabin

Don't want/don't care:
-Huge 20-person party cabin
-Luxury amenities

I've been looking at sites like this UP tourism page, VRBO, and Airbnb, but everything I see looks geared towards big families/groups who want to fish and swim. Personal recommendations or new ideas on where to look would be great. Also, if I should be looking somewhere else generally around Lake Michigan (upper WI, the mitten), let me know.
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It's probably too late to book for this trip, but the hike-in cabins in Porcupine Mountain State Park would fit your criteria.
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You should be able to find something on ReserveAmerica if you're open to adjusting your dates a bit; you can use them to search for cabins in addition to regular campsites.

Here are some places that might fit the bill: HomeAway has a bunch of options in northern Wisconsin, too (example). "Northwoods" or "up north" would be good search terms for stuff in that area.
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Have you checked Pure Michigan, the official tourism page? If you're willing to pick a city, it looks like their Vacation Rentals page might be able to narrow things down a little. I'd bet that if you called up any of those places that didn't fit all your criteria, they could still hook you up with someone who did.
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Cabins in the U.P. are actually few and far between by comparison to the Lakeland area of northern Wisconsin. Look at Eagle River, St. Germain, Land o' Lakes, etc. It sounds like Minocqua would be too crowded for you that time of year, but it is a trailhead for a nice RTT bike trail if that is your kind of thing.
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When I was a kid my family stayed on Drummond Island for a week. We had a great time. I find a listing of properties here, and a moment of searching on this map brings me here, which ticks most of your boxes. Speaking of ticks, Wikipedia says there are none on the island.
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Yeah. Look at the State Parks. You well still might find cabins at The Porcupines, they tend to run about $80 per night
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