Energy efficiency research, where art thou?
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Looking for quality sources and data regarding energy efficient and energy outputs. Details inside.

I'm looking to do some research on different types of energy sources and how efficient they might(or might not) be.

For example, where could I find out how much electricity is generated by coal or natural gas? Or how could I calculate the CO2 output from the coal industry in the USA?

I suspect that much of what I'm looking to find out has already been complied and laid out by someone somewhere. The last thing I would want to do is get my information from a source with a clear bias so hoping to be directed to any high quality sources out there(government, I suppose?).
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For U.S. data, you want to look at reports from the Energy Information Administration.
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Agree w/straw. Also, BP's annual Statistical Review of World Energy, due out this month, is another excellent resource. 2013 report here.
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