Dance classes for 18-25 year olds in Dallas?
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Hello hivemind. Recently I came upon the idea of going to dance classes in order to meet girls. To that end, I was wondering if anybody could suggest places that have dance classes for young adults in the Dallas area. I realize that I can use Google to find all sorts of dance studios that offer classes, but I would like to try and find ones that tend have the greatest prevalence of women my age. Latin stuff is what would interest me the most, but I'm open to any suggestions.
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Arthur Murray.
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In my experience, different dances - even within the same genre - will pull different age groups. So, unless you have friends who can recommend something from personal experience, your best bet is to scope out a few venues & get a feel for the age groups they attract, before you commit to lessons.
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I used to frequent a place called Studio 22 in Addison. They offered a variety of classes in all styles, and with all age groups. They also have frequent open dance nights that are a more social event than the classes. The owners are a couple who specialize in Latin dance, especially salsa. Can't recommend this place enough.
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