What stuff can only be bought in China ?
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Hello, I'll be leaving China soon and I want to bring back some stuff that you can only find in Beijing (China). I already bought a lot of things from Xiaomi for example. Do you know anything else ? Have a good day ! P.S : no food
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If you know someone who needs some nerd cred, a red Raspberry Pi.
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I was going to suggest Wang Lao Ji, but I think that would be a bit hard to carry back. I've found a few types of Chinese medicine useful - if you have too it would be good to bring a supply back.

Cheap DVDs

You said no food, but maybe some seasonings/sauces
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I'm bringing back a bunch of ridiculous looking pens and pencils. I'm sure they're available at home somewhere but I've never seen them. Certainly, you can't get pens that have a pile of shit at the top that say "life is shit" on the barrel. Or the matching plunger pen that also says "life is shit." I'm a fan of all the "life is a wonderful, live happy every day and enjoy the peace of your beautiful life" writing found on mundane things.
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I'm not sure if your concern with food was with the pollution or with getting through customs, but... certain tea leaves are always a good gift for people back home. And you can get Wang Lao Ji in the US, too, in ANY Chinatown-- no need to get that in Beijing, haha!

I usually stock up on really cheap notebooks. They typically have grammatically incorrect phrases on them and cutesy cartoons, but if you look around a bit more you can find some decent-looking ones.

You can get hot water bottles with "cute" prints on them. Like, things printed with Doraemon and Hello Kitty and whatnot on them. Or a rice cooker that with "cute" prints on them.

If you want to spend a lot of money and think you'd wear it (and if you're female, I guess...) a you could get a qi pao. The selection will be much better in Beijing than it might be elsewhere.

Maybe just look around the Friendship Store (北京友谊商店) for certain souvenirs?
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I like knock off bags for fun.
"It's a genuine knock off from China!"
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Get some kicking Feiyues or Warriors.

Cheap lightning adapters to charge newish apple devices can be gotten, as well as other cheap cables and stuff.

How about a Chinese version of a western table-top game, or an indigenous game?

And you did say you got a lot of Xiaomi stuff, but are you prepared to preregister for the chance to maybe get to buy some of their newest stuff next Tuesday at 12:00 sharp?
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions !

My rule about food was probably stupid yes, I don't really care about the custom or pollution, tea and sauces are good ideas !

I like the Warriors thanks Aiwen. I'll pass on the 49" TV in the plane.. but if I can find a Mi Wifi Mini before I leave it'll be nice.

I play a little bit of weiqi (Go) too if anyone know where to find nice board/stones/boal/...

Thanks again :)
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When I was in Beijing about 10 years ago, everyone smoked cigarettes with a picture of Chairman Mao on the the package. I wish I'd brought a pack back as a conversation piece.
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Saffron. It's wildly expensive in the US, rock bottom cheap in China.
Caveat: My data is 10 years old.
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