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Manilla is closing, and I'm heartbroken. This app takes care of all of my accounts. Credit union, bank, investments, credit cards, amazon card (which mint can't do), auto loan, mortgage, utilities, subscriptions, everything! So I need a replacement.

Manilla tracks all of my accounts on one screen so I can see all of my balances at once. It remembers what bills are on autopay, which ones aren't, and sends me reminders. It's simple, has a clean, no-nonsense interface that just works. It also stores all my statements.
These are things I track:
•amazon store credit card
•credit union
•credit cards

Mint doesn't work well for me because it doesn't track at least 8 of my accounts.

What can you recommend that will work for me?
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I use GNUCash. It's an open-source, double entry accounting system that tracks all my finances. It provides me with both a financial history, and, using scheduled transactions, a plan about future balances.

It is not as easy to set up as Mint, but it has many advanced features and you're free to use as many or as few as fits your need. You can download transaction data from banks that support OFX (nearly all of mine do), and match up transactions with existing scheduled transactions. The accounting hierarchy is pretty fluid; you're free to add new accounts as you wish in the five general accounting categories: Equity, Assets, Liabilities, Income, and Expenses. It tracks my retirement portfolio, student loan balances, even my vacation leave.

The home screen is a pretty straightforward account hierarchy that doubles as an account summary. I recommend changing it to display two data points: Current Balance, and Future Minimum Balance.
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I'm in the same boat as you, and I've seen Yodlee, check.me and PageOnce. I haven't tried any of them yet but they've been recommended a lot around the webz.
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Give personalcapital.com a whirl.
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