Good research material for building a mobile-optimized UI/UX?
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I've been given the task of optimizing my company's mobile browser site UI and I want it to be the COOLEST and the RADDEST. Any good resources out there to fuel my research on mobile UI/UX?

I hope I won't launch any interstellar wars with my use of the terms "UI" and "UX," but I was hoping some of the cool cats here on MetaFilter could point me to the best resources for checking out the latest in mobile browser site design. I'm looking for anything that could set me down the most cutting-edge path in my brainstorming, both with regards to functionality as well as look and feel. I don't need anything too nitty-gritty since I won't be building it myself, though gathering high-level info on different approaches to mobile design has been helpful. I'm just having a hard time finding, like, the Sartorialist of mobile design, if that makes sense... (Does that exist? That should totally exist!)
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Best answer: I believe that the current best practice is to have your website be "responsive" so that it scales for a range of screen sizes.
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Best answer: Pttrns and Mobile Patterns are what you want.
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Best answer: And, generally speaking a google search for mobile patterns yields lots of useful hits.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much, y'all! See, it's terminology stuff like "mobile patterns" that I never would have picked up on just from searching around A List Apart or what-have-you! <3 u MeFi
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Mobile first
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Lovely UI.
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Writing on mobile first and responsive design
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Are you going to outsource the design as well as the development?

The first step is the design process is to really understand why people will coming to your site. Not what your company wants them to do on your site, but the real, actual reasons, learned by asking non-leading questions in interviews and / or surveys.

You may think you know this. However, as a consultant for over 12 years, I learned that most clients really don't know much about their customers' motivations.
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