Drycleaning and menswear in Amsterdam
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AmsterdamFilter: can you recommend (1) a good, fast dry cleaner and (2) a reliable, not too expensive menswear store in Centrum or the Oosterparkbuurt? Reason: pigeon attack.

I am in Amsterdam for a conference that starts tomorrow (Monday) evening. While I was sitting on a bench in the Museumplein this afternoon, struggling against jet lag and minding my own business, a pigeon expertly divebombed my shirt cuff and sportcoat sleeve, and while I could wipe some of it off, they both now smell of pigeon crap.

I'm planning to take the shirt and sportcoat to a cleaner tomorrow - Dutch Dry Cleaning in the Vijzelstraat is the best looking one I found, but I'd be grateful for other suggestions, ideally somewhere I could drop off the clothing in the morning and pick it up late afternoon.

And in case I can't get the cleaning done by the time I need it: where would be a good place to buy a decent blazer or sportcoat? I'm willing to spend 150-200€ for a quality garment, but I have no idea where to start looking.
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Best answer: C&A has a wide selection at lower price points. This suit jacket for €99.90 is made of 95% wool and 5% cashmere. For better quality, consider Suitsupply (especially if you're looking for slimmer fitting styles) or department stores like V&D or de Bijenkorf.

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Response by poster: Thanks!
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Response by poster: FYI, I found a nice summer linen sportcoat at Peek & Cloppenburg. I'm trusting my hotel cleaning service with the old one.
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