Setting my default search engine to Duck Duck Go
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I want to make Duck Duck Go my default search engine (YOU KNOW WHY) in the same bar on my Safari that currently I can put the url or Google search in (I want it to use DDG instead of Google, or have a separate bar for DDG).

I've installed the Duck Duck Go extension, but you have to click their icon to get the search box instead of just clicking in the url box and typing. I'm so used to doing the latter, I know I will forget to use DDG if it's not super-easy.

I'd like there to be a box I can click inside of instead of clicking a thing that opens a box. How do I make the little icon's search bar display in my toolbar? I've tried Customize Toolbar but can't figure it out.

This is the sort of thing I feel like I should be able to find an easy answer to online, but everything I'm finding assumes I'm going to jailbreak my phone or something. This is my desktop (a mac) and also, while I'm reasonably computer savvy, I'm not really jailbreak-your-phone-with-no-bad-consequences level of savvy.
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Response by poster: Oh my God. Never mind. The search bar still says "Search Google or enter an address" but when I just did a search using it, it used Duck Duck Go. I'm dumb.

Leaving this here I guess as a public service? Or mods feel free to delete.
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If it makes you feel any better, I had this SAME EXACT QUESTION last night! My solution was to decide to start using Firefox instead. (Although I don't really know that is a "solution" ... rather, a capitulation in the face of bad UI design. Anyway, you are not alone!)
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Response by poster: Thanks. This does actually seem to working, it's just the label didn't get changed to DDG.
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Response by poster: So, uh. When I'm typing the search it still says "-- Google Search" and Google appears to be providing autocomplete options. Does this mean that Google is still seeing what I'm searching on? The point here for me is to avoid putting my search results in their database...
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Best answer: Hah, I just went through the same thing yesterday. I didn't want their custom extension, though, so there's another way: use the Glims extension (which adds a bunch of features to Safari that other browsers have) to add a custom search engine:
  1. Install the Glims extension
  2. Open Safari preferences
  3. Go to the new Glims tab
  4. Go to the Search Engines List section
  5. Click Add to add a new extension, and enter:
    • Name: DuckDuckGo
    • Type: Search Engine
    • Query URL:$

Now you'll have a drop-down to the right of the search bar that includes DuckDuckGo.
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Yeah, Glims is what you want.
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Response by poster: Just installed Glims and DDG was already on their list (just needed to add a check-mark next to it to add it to my list). Thanks!
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