Router forgetting about my Chromecast
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I am a Verizon FiOS customer, using the provided Actiontec modem/router. The wireless is working acceptably well with phones, tablets and laptop, but two devices appear to keep falling off of the network: a Chromecast and a wireless printer (Brother 2270dw). Restarting the printer or Chromecast gets them back on the network immediately, and they work fine for a while, then it seems like the router "forgets" about them again.

I previously had the printer hard-wired to the router, and I never had a problem with the router forgetting it. (symptoms of forgetting the printer - my PC shows the printer as offline, and the Brother control panel cannot find it. I can't get into the printer to change settings, either.)

Any thoughts on anything to try? Settings to tweak or look for in the router?
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What do you mean by "restarting the Chromecast"? Are you unplugging from the TV or outlet and then plugging it in again? Or setting it up all over again?
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Just unplugging from power and back in again. Not reconfiguring.
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