Good data visualizations for library reporting?
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I'm looking for examples of attractive, compelling data visualizations by libraries showing use by patrons, engagement with communities, etc.. Basically, clear, eye-catching demonstrations by libraries of their value, with an emphasis on numbers / statistics. What should I be looking at?
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Did you check out google image search? Lots of graphs and visualizations. If you click on individual images, you can follow through to the page of origin, often leading to exactly what you are looking for, such as here.
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The Seattle Central Public Library hired an artist to do their data visualizations. I checked it out at ALA mid-winter a couple years ago, and it was definitely the clearest, most beautiful example of this I have seen. It is called "Making Visible the Invisible". There are lots of videos and photos online, if you can't see it in person.
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This is a good recent ROI study. (Of a special library, but probably pretty generally interesting. Not my library.) The director behind it also worked on this document about how to do valuation studies. It says "for transportation librarians" but, again, seems broadly useful.
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I'm guessing the various open source integrated library systems, aka library management systems, can generate dashboards and spreadsheets with usage statistics. (rereading your query, you probably already know this.)
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