Has anyone consolidated PRIVATE student loans?
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I owe "the man" a good deal of money. I am consolidating my public loans. I would also look to consider my private loans. Has anyone done this? Recommendations?

Specifically looking for any companies people have had good experiences with. I am looking for one without an origination fee and fixed rate (although you might be able to talk me into either).

I have no credit problems and the amount is under $100K so I should be good for qualifications at most places.

Suggestions? Tips? Things you wish you had known?
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I don't know if this is part of your question or not, but you cannot consolidate public and private loans together. If you are asking about consolidating only multiple private loans together, google "private loan consolidation" and you'll find information about resources available like Wells Fargo.
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Should anyone else stumble along this question

of course I Googled it. I read a bunch of pages from various offerings - trying to get some first hand experience.

Also quite aware I cannot consolidate them together.
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Some credit unions offer private loan consolidation--I couldn't find a good one that services my area, but that might be another option if you haven't already considered it.
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I just used SoFi to consolidate private student loans (that, before a previous consolidation, were gov't loans). They offer both fixed and variable products, and no origination fee. They seem happy to consolidate both federal and private loans according to their website.

Edited to add: here is a blog post from them about combining federal and private loans.
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