Psychiatrists in Providence, RI?
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I am looking for a psychiatrist in or near Providence, one who specializes in eating disorders or alcohol abuse. Has anyone been helpful to you? Recommendations for psychologists appreciated as well.
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Are you a Brown student? If so, Health Services or Psych Services has a list of recommendations that could be helpful. I don't personally know of any helpful people, but I know a lot of students were able to get outside help after being referred from there. Sorry I can't be of more help :(
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MEDA, Inc. is the Multiservice Eating Disorder Association in Newton, MA. They maintain a list of providers. A cursory search turned up one Psychologist in Providence.

Sally Mayo, Ph.D.
205 Governor Street
Providence RI 02906
Insurance: BCBS, First Health, United Behavioral Healthcare, United Healthcare,
Phone: 401-351-2122 Email:

I don't know of this particular person, but I've found referrals from MEDA to be helpful in the past. You could also call MEDA directly and ask if they can help you find someone in your area. Good luck.
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I me-mailed you...
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