What are some alternative titles to an Associate Manager position?
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The job description boils down to an operations manager, as opposed to the head manager who handles big-picture/strategic/money things. Operations Manager or Associate Manager are perfectly appropriate titles that describe the position well, but the company culture is quirky and very non-corporate, so I was wondering if I might find a less ceremonious alternative. Any suggestions?
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I have in my possession two business cards from a small company that provides hops for beer. One gives the title of 'Boss' and the other is for a 'Hops Wise Guy.'
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I've always felt like if you have a Strategic Manager, you ought to also have a Tactical Manager.
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Not sure if it matters to you, but having a more normal title can be helpful in the future when you're looking for a new job because it makes it clearer to people looking at your resume what exactly you did.
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The problem with quirky company culture is, is quirky the norm for the industry? I mean, it's one thing to have a job title like "Boss Goblin Artist" for a game design company, because it translates well to another game design company; but going from a game design company to a button-down three-piece-suit sort of operation with formal job titles & descriptions, it would just muddy the waters and probably get your resume tossed out.
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To follow up on other posters' warnings -- if whatever official paperwork exists for the position says "Quirky Name (Boring Name)," people can put that on their resumes and suchlike in the future.
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Another voice saying not to do this. Should you have to lay people off in the future - and let's be realistic, the economy sucks and it might happen - a lot of job screeners will automatically discard any resumes whose job titles don't match certain keywords, which won't be the FUN! QUIRKY! CREATIVE! things you're looking to come up with. And then that title won't look much fun anymore to the person who can't get a new job.
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Valid points, and thanks for raising the concerns. Without getting into specifics, for privacy reasons, industry standards aren't very relevant here because the job and department are extremely unique and have no direct correlation with what's out there.

That's to say (even though a manager is a manager) regardless of the wording of this particular title, the team name and nature of the work will require an explanation anyway, in any resumé. :)
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'Cat herder'
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The go to guy
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Guru. Tactical guru.
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