...b/c GOMAD is actually kind of gross.
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After a couple of years away from supplements, I'm looking for a whey protein powder that's close to what I used and liked in England. The catch is that I'm in Canada now.

I had a number of happy years with Musashi and LA Muscle, both of whom seem to have re-tooled their WPI lines, and don't seem to be distributed around here.
I'm looking for recommendations for whey isolate powders that digest well, aren't disgusting, and don't have sweeteners other than sugar in them, as a bonus.
I'm not super concerned about efficiency here...a couple extra grams of fat or carbs aren't going to bother me, if I wind up with something that doesn't taste like 50/50 chalk and aspartame.
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Have you tried Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard? I love the Double Chocolate. I put it in a blender bottle or my little Ninja single-serve bottle. Very well rated and here is the nutrition information. Not chalky in the least.
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Whey Gourmet Naturelle! Delicious, mixes well and is sweetened with stevia. I tried the Matcha Green Tea (if mixed with milk it tastes like a green tea latte), Strawberry Banana and the Chocolate one. There are various online health stores offering free or reasonable shipping within Canada.
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I was never able to find a flavored powder that didn't taste disgusting, so now I buy plain unflavored whey isolate and add my own flavorings. Almond milk, protein powder, and dutch-processed cocoa powder make a good "chocolate milk."
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