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I'm looking for a "What Would Natalie Maines Do?" t shirt. After years of searching, I still can't find one. I'm looking for any information on this shirt and how I could possibly buy one.

After watching Tegan and Sara's "The Con Movie" a number of years ago, I've been searching for this t shirt that Tegan Quin was seen wearing in the film.

I've scoured the internet but have been unable to find anything about it officially. Tegan herself, as far as I'm aware, has never publicly spoken about it and/or where she got it. I'm assuming it is absolutely related to the comments Maines made about Bush and her infamous FUTK shirt that jabbed at Toby Keith. Therefore, I highly doubt it's official Dixie Chicks or Maines merchandise. "The Con Movie" was filmed at the tail end of the Dixie Chicks controversy so it would have been relevant at the time. This is as much as I've gathered through detective work.

If anyone has any further information on the shirt or where I could find one, I would be very grateful. I've been looking for this shirt for 7 years so my hope has certainly faded but the MeFi community can sometimes produce amazing surprises.
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Can you just have one made?
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Could you ask on twitter?
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There's not a small chance that it was custom-made. DIY t-shirt silkscreening has a long an honorable history in indie rock circles.
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maybe ask this tumblr for help?
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