Is there any top that makes these shorts okay?
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I bought a pair of tiny little sequined shorts from Forever 21 that I'd like to wear on NYE. What top would work with them?

Of course, I don't see my particular shorts on F21's website, but they're silver and sort of look like these -- they hit at the hip, not the waist.) I'm planning to wear them with black pantyhose and tall black boots, but can't figure out what type of top would work. Open to any ideas that are relatively inexpensive and can be worn again. I'm tall and top heavy. I will be kept toasty warm by my booze coat, so any type of sleeves are fine.
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Black always looks great with silver IMO! And you could do something sheer.... with something just solid black underneath..... or just a long sleeve, black, low cut shirt. The big thing to remember is since your shorts are going to be so loud, your shirt should be less loud.... kinda like that 'if you play up your eye makeup, tone down your lips' thing.
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Ooh. A majorette-inspired jacket sort of like the toy soldier dancers on Xuxa. Or a tuxedo jacket with either a tank top or tuxedo shirt. Maybe in velvet. Note: People always seem to want to pet velvet, so that might work for you or not.
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A black lace merry widow. You will want to shop in a real ladies' lingerie shop, not one of those mall thong and teddy places, because the type of garment that works here is built somewhat like a corset, i.e., with enclosed boning.

Try to get the type with the detachable garter belt type garters because either you can just let them dangle a la '90s era Madonna or else you can, for extra security up top, move the garters up and use them as halter straps on the bra cups. (Some merry widows also have detachable straps included.

A well-made merry widow will last a lifetime. It can be worn as a sexy camisole-type top, by itself with other bits of lingerie for striking poses in the boudoir, plus (and this is a big plus) it can be worn under a fitted-bodice formal dress to provide a smooth line without a waistline bulge if that is an issue for you. (No judgment.)

You could accessorize this with a boa if you really want to go nuts, and, again, a good boa will take you just about anywhere except a job interview.
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Cropped black tuxedo jacket. Something crisp, with structure, long sleeves and a deep slit neckline.

I wouldn't do lace or velvet with sequins personally, too many different lush textures on one look could get costumey. Unless of course that's what you're going for.
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I would do something simpler, plainer, with less structure than what's outlined above. If you need a jacket, add a plain blazer. Something like this, or this, or this. (2nd link from pinterest not so good, but you get the idea about the knit top...)
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If you want to go less costume-y (and if not GIRL DO IT UP YOU HAVE MY BLESSING WHICH I KNOW YOU WERE WAITING FOR), then go for something less fitted and more drape-y on top. I'm thinking something like this v-neck satin top, or maybe a similar shape to this sleeveless business although not in ivory probably, or this one has cute buttons on the sleeve although the model has an unfortunate vampire-eyeliner thing happening.
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I would wear it with a silver halter-neck. Obviously not this one but one in that style. Also... see: Kylie. I leave it to you to decide if that is a good or a bad thing.
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First of all...Meeeeee OW! Okay, now to your question, I usually wear more coverage on top if there is less coverage on bottom. I would go with a satin black long sleeved button down shirt. I love the idea of a bolero jacket too from celtalitha's suggestion!
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Best answer: If you're tall and top-heavy and will be wearing the sequined shorts with black sheer pantyhose and black boots, mirror/balance the bottom on top by wearing a sheer black gauze button-down shirt over a black tank. (I've seen these sheer tops at F21 lately so I think a trip back is worth it.) If you button it all the way up and tuck it in just slightly, it will balance out the bottom and the eye loves symmetry. To accessorize, you can wear a big silver statement necklace, just be sure it is bright silver and not aged/tarnished or you'll lose the effect.

You're a fiesta; own it!
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I think Kronur has the right idea, especially in the first link. You could definitely go with something more dramatic but given that you're already wearing silver sequined shorts, you probably want something drapey and matte, either in black or in a really soft, muted colour. Or an unstructured jacket could be great?

Or the way they've styled these. I really like that.

You'll definitely find a lot of light, sheer drapey stuff at H&M or F21 right now so I'm sure you could find something along those lines?
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Nthing a drapey, matte black top. I like this one. I also think a bright fuchsia top in the same style would work, if you skip the black hose. (In my opinion sequined shorts would probably look best with pumps rather than boots, but you probably don't want to freeze.)

I wouldn't go with anything structured/fitted unless you're going to a Rocky Horror Picture Show party.
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I would do a drapey blouse with a studded or sparkly collar. Something like this or, if you want a little more structure, this.
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Love the shorts!

I would wear a shirt like this or maybe this if you want some colour, tucked into the top of the shorts all slochy-like, to help balance out the boots.

(Actually, personally I would probably go for a nice sweater as I hate looking dressed up, but that may not be your bag)

Optional jacket, obvs, but I would go for something leather to balance out the cuteness.
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I have the same exact shorts in gold sequins, also from F21!
So, I wore mine with a simple white tee tucked in, and high high high heels. Casual, chic, fun. Also, NOT black (which everyone wears!)

I would suggest playing around with different denier black hose/tights to see which opacity works best, black heels, and then change it up a little up top, and do something unexpected. Since your tights will be covering your legs, maybe a top with an unexpected back cutout, or I would even do a drapey chiffon/sheer black elegant blouse (long sleeves), tucked in.

BIG dangly earrings, to complement the sequin shorts, and pretty much nothing else for accessories.

Either way, have some FUN with it - don't go safe. You've already got the World's Loudest Shorts, so go for gold. HA!
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Response by poster: Thanks, guys! Nice to know there are so many ways to wear these shorts, because now they're in my wardrobe and I... ahem... have many occasions to wear them. (Don't think I didn't justify the shorts purchase by telling myself they would be great if I needed a last minute, loosely interpreted Columbia costume, Metroid Baby...)

I ended up with a sheer, black button down shirt from F21 (which is also apparently not on their website). I'm now thinking about a small fishnet hose instead of solid black hose for a little more contrast. Unfortunately, heels aren't really an option, even though you all are right on that front -- I'm 6'1 and don't really own/wear Serious Heels.

Any more input on accessorizing, etc. is very welcome. In my mind, a faux fur vest seals the deal, but that might be because I'm attached to the image of sequins and fur on NYE because of Carrie Bradshaw's outfit in the Sex and the City movie...
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