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Is there an equivalent to Rent the Runway for men?

My girlfriend has been using Rent the Runway for special occasions. I (male) would like to do something similar, because I feel that traditional tux rental stores are all hideous and saddening.

At my roommate's suggestion, I checked out The Black Tux. Sadly, they are booked through early July, and who knows when they'll have free stock again. Also, while their suits are all very nice, their selection is a bit timid for my tastes. Everything is black/dark gray/white. Acknowledging that those are the colors most likely to be requested, I would still like to have some fun, colorful options. They don't even have to be suits, necessarily!

So is there anywhere online that does hip, interesting men's fashion rentals that actually has stock available?
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I'd love to know the answer to this question. I did just find FreshNeck, which describes itself as Netflix for ties.
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If you look at the cost of traditional Tux rental vs. owning your own Tux, it's something like three or four times wearing it and you come out ahead. Tuxes don't go out of style very quickly, and they're not very expensive. Entry level ready-to-wear stuff from, e.g., Hugo Boss, is well under $1k. Owning a Tux is one of the sartorial pleasure of being a man. I highly recommend looking into it.
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