How can I turn my old iPhone 4 into a great (offline) bike computer?
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I have an old iPhone 4 (running iOS 7) that has no sim card. GPS and wifi and all that still work fine and it's got plenty of space. I want to find an app that will allow me to download a big swath of map around my house for offline use, then stick the phone in a bracket on my handlebars and use it as a bike computer to tell me speed, mileage, route, etc. Ideally it would show me where I am on the map as I go, too. I'd gladly pay for the app if it is not free. Is this possible?
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I'm not sure if it requires a SIM card, but Runtastic Road Bike has an offline map feature as well as other bells and whistles.
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I had Motion-X GPS on my iPhone 4 and cached a whole lot of Beijing maps for offline use. It has a fairly complex interface, but it allowed me to save and export tracks as well as displaying basic speed and direction, and it worked well without needy whining about a data connection. Haven't used it much recently, though.

(I'd really like an app that used both the 5S co-motion processor and the GPS features together, but that doesn't apply to an iPhone 4.)
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+1 for Motion-X GPS
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