Help me find my perfect reclining work chair
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I'm looking for a reclining chair for my home office that is less ugly and bulky than your typical cloth-upholstered Barcalounger.

This chair takes the place of a leather loveseat, which I like to sprawl in but has lousy ergos and is killing my back. I also have a conventional desk with a Swopper chair, which I like but cannot sit in all day long or relax in.

Primary uses for this chair are typing on a laptop with this laptop stand, reading books, and watching videos on a laptop.

Essential features:
Can go from nearly upright to semi-reclined
Has good back support
Not too big, bulky, or ugly
Under $1000 (used is OK)

Nice to have:
Under $500
Integrated foot rest (could use a hassock)
Leather or leather-like rather than cloth
Wood trim
Comes in blue or red

Ones I like:
Lafuma recliner
Human Touch Perfect Chair

Thanks in advance for your suggestions, furniture-savvy Mefites!
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Best answer: We've had these for over fifteen years. They still look great, and don't scream "recliner". Incredibly comfortable. They do take up some floor space.
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You can get custom colors on a Steelcase Leap or a Herman Miller Aeron. Both are considered fairly top of the line, and are great for sitting for long periods of time without back pain, but you'd need to supply your own footrest.
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Best answer: Look into Stressless.They have a bunch of models. They are horrifically expensive.
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Response by poster: I ended up with a used Stressless recliner, which I found on Craigslist for $400. It's incredibly comfortable and entirely perfect for my needs. Thanks Mefites!
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