Sprucing up my sweet secondhand sofa
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We just bought an awesome leather sofa for a good price on Craigslist. The leather is beautiful and we found out when we went to look at it that it contains down-wrapped spring-core cushions... which the internet tells me is basically the best thing to have inside sofa cushions. Except - a few of the springs are poking up funny.

On one of the sofa cushions and on the matching ottoman, there is what seems to be a spring loose/poking up from inside the cushion, leaving a visible lump and an uncomfortable sitting spot.

To clarify... this is a spring INSIDE the cushion, not a spring on the body of the couch. Also, the lumpiness is not from the rest of the couch being flat - it is from the springs poking up much higher than they should be.

The leather covers unzip, but the cushions appears to be a solid block of foam surrounded by down/feathers wrapped in batting. I haven't pulled the whole cushion out because I don't want to make a huge mess until I know how to fix it.

Any ideas on how to access the springs that are wrapped in a solid block of foam? And when I do access them, what's the fix?

Bonus question: The sofa smells a little funny - not musty or smoky, just like it has someone else's "house smell" (you know how everybody's house has a smell??) and it's not a house smell I love. Quick, easy, safe way to deodorize it?
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You may have to replace them.
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Can't help you with the spring issue, but the best way to deodorize a couch is to put it outside in full sun for a few days in a row.
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I'd do a super thorough cleaning with leather conditioner. Get a huge bottle, some soft cloths, and start wiping it down and getting into the nooks and crannies. Let it sit on there before wiping it off - the bottle should have directions.

There are odor removing cleaners (i.e. enzymatic cleaners) but if you try those, I'd do a test patch on the back of the couch and see if there are any differences over a week or two before applying to the entire piece of furniture. I'd worry they would dehydrate the leather too much, but they could work. You could also try a diluted vinegar wipe down, then follow up with a leather conditioner.

No idea about the springs, sorry. It sounds like they need to be retied or just replaced. My guess is you'll have to take those cushions in for repair unless you're really into DIY repair following youtube videos and going through some trial & error.
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