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What can you tell me about the return of Scrubs on NBC?

I miss the show and am scared that it's been cancelled.

What do YOU know?
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Best answer: It hasn't been cancelled. It's a midseason replacement, meaning when they cancel some other lame show, NBC will slide this in and hope ratings improve. The only problem is, My Name is Earl and The Office are doing okay on Tuesday nights. My guess is they will can Joey soon, move Earl to Thursday, and put Scrubs on Tuesday at 9.

But they haven't announced anything yet.
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Best answer: It's been renewed for a fifth season, but isn't yet scheduled. Once NBC cancels one of their current prime-time line-up, the show will be right back in. Read here for more info.
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According to Zach...
"So where is the new season of "Scrubs"? NBC still hasn't set a date but promises to air a full season this season. Rumors have it airing around early 2006. However chatter says that it could return a lot sooner. A hand full of episodes are ready to air, so why not air them! Show creator says that he has been told that NBC will make a announcement on when the show will return in October. "
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On preview:

Everyone said what I was going to say, but I was going to suggest that Television Without Pity's Scrubs thread (in the "Sitcoms and Other Yukky Stuff" forum) is a good place to check for news.

I miss it, too.
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Ok, so my link isn't actually "according to Zach" and may not be more than unsubstantiated rumors. My bad.
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BJ Novak, a writer and star of The Office on NBC, mentioned in a piece online mid-September that NBC bought 7 more episodes of The Office, but didn't say when they were for.

The only reason I mention this is because of what sdrawkcab said.
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Response by poster: thanks for you info everyone!
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I love Earl.... watched it for the first time last night.

And I agree... I think that due to its popularity, NBC will soon move it to Thursday.
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Am I the only one who thinks that Scrubs ran out of ideas about 30 episodes in? I treasure the first 1 1/2 seasons but lately if I've tivo'd one of them it's just so... done.

Earl is kinda cool. Joey blows my mind as to how that concept could work anywhere in the US.
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I wish I'd stopped watching Scrubs when the couple got married. It had lost much of its spark by that point, and the following season was awful. I will not be watching any more episodes.
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cavalier and FFF, I know what you mean, but even in its decline every now and then Scrubs can just reach back there and bring it. For example, the third season's episode 14, "My Screwup." I'd argue it's one of the five best episodes ever. If you haven't seen it, I strongly recommend it to you.
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It is coming back.

I was surprised at the move of making it mid-season as well as it had done better in recent ratings and even one some awards. However, having worked in television programming before, it seems to me like an interesting (and not really a bad) idea. Rather than make your mid-season shows something with no audience you have to completely build up, bring back something with a medium, but loyal, fanbase.

It was uneven at points last year but I felt like they were getting through that sophomore slump thing. Besides, any show that does an episode like "My Old Lady" in its 4th episode ever has me hooked for life.
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