Any conference call services you can recommend?
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I need to setup a conference call for one of my freelance projects. Can you help recommend a conference call service that's affordable and reliable, and has record/playback features?
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We use Wire One Communications (formerly V-SPAN) for audio conferences and bridged video conferences and are very happy with the service. I am unfamiliar with their prices, however.
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freeconference ...not certain about playback features...but it is free and reliable
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My company's been using Go To Meeting, which has worked extremely well. Since I'm not paying, I don't know about prices, though.
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Bigfoot Conferencing.

I've used them for conferencing in general and they work great. I have not used the Recording and Playback feature, but I know it's there since I've looked at it. They also have features to support web-conferencing, in addition to normal audio-conferencing.
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My company uses Reservationless-Plus, which works very well. Not having to make an advance reservation is nice.
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[slaps forehead]. Forgot about that one. Go To Meeting is great and cheap (monthly subscription is $49/month). It does phone and desktop sharing. Participants can call in and/or join the online meeting. You can record audio and what's happening on your desktop.
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