OCR, emphasizing the R
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Does anyone have any recommendations for OCR software that focuses on the "recognition" part?

Basically I want something that can tell me "there is probably text in this image", which would allow me to then transcribe it by hand.
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I'd start by running OCR over the image, paying attention just to a "true/false" result, basically normal OCR where you throw away what the software thinks is there.
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I should mention that the source images are very noisy, with lots of (non textual) background stuff, and potentially low resolution.
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OmniPage (I think they're up to version 18) does a pretty good job of dividing a page into blocks of images and text.
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I haven't used it, but the Tesseract OCR engine supposedly returns confidence levels on recognized characters, so you could look for scores above a certain threshold.

Alternately, you could train OpenCV to recognize the presence of characters, perhaps.
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You might use Tesseract to try to pull text out of your input image. Then run the OCRed text against a dictionary. If you get above a certain fraction of words that positively match dictionary entries, then you can use that to train a binary classifier, given a set of known positive and known negative inputs. Once trained, you could run it against arbitrary inputs, to filter into a set of inputs that you want to look at more closely (i.e., transcribe by hand).
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I use Abbyy Fine Reader all the time.

However, given that you are just looking for the likelihood of text within an image, you have a variety of options. Here is a small list of options and an online option.

One trick that I have found to be useful when running OCR on "noisy" images is to convert that image to black/white or greyscale. It gets rid of a lot of speckling and the OCR engine does not have to evaluate differences in color.
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