Help me find an employment lawyer in Sacramento, CA
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I am employed in Sacramento, California. I would like to speak to an attorney with experience in employment law, as related to overtime-exempt status.

My current position is listed as being overtime-exempt, but my research suggests that I may not fulfill the wage limit for this exemption. There are a few complexities that I would like to confirm (state & federal employment law, etc.), as well as working out what my options for action and resolution are.

If you've had a good experience with an attorney in my area who's experienced with this kind of situation, that would be awesome - I've been stressing over this for about a month now.
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Many reputable plaintiffs employment attorneys are affiliated with the California Employment Lawyer's Assocation. You can run a simple search for Wage and Hour attorneys in Sacramento County, and the results are here. A personal referral is best, of course, but this will give you a good place to start if you don't get one here.
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