PAL to NTSC for retrocomputing
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What would it take to get a (composite video modified) PAL ZX Spectrum to display something coherent on a monitor or TV in Canada?

I bought one of the very cheap NTSC converters (like this) but the results were so glitchy and slow on my 5(ish) year old LG TV that it wasn't worth it. I don't think my TV does PAL.

There are much more expensive converter boxes available, but the Speccy's graphics were no great shakes to start off with. I don't need a large display; are the supposedly PAL/NTSC mini-monitors from Lilliput likely to work?
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I'm not sure how much latency it will add, but you could try one of those USB video capture sticks and play it through your computer. Looks like those generally support PAL.
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