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I need some new TV to watch, and I'm in a schmoopy mood. I've got a hankering for some old-fashioned Will-They-or-Won't-They romance. Please introduce me to the next Mulder and Scully or Beckett and Castle.

I generally like sci-fi, action and mysteries (procedurals ok), so a new show with a little flirty romantic spice sprinkled on top would be perfect. I watch a fair amount of British TV, so recommendations from there or other non-US sources would be great, as would any older television series you think I might have missed. I'm generally looking for a good show with a bonus cute couple, rather than a show all about a couple and their romantic drama. Couples who aren't the lead characters, who are potential but not yet together, or people who just flirt madly and stare longingly at each other but never really do anything about it will also work. Thanks all!
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any older television series you think I might have missed.

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The Artful Detective has some saucy flirting that builds up over several seasons. And although he's very bad at it, Doc Martin also might suit this!
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Gilmore Girls?
And yes, Doc Martin.
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I just finished watching Season One of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and there's a lot of tension between Miss Fisher and her police contact. (She does get around on her own, as well, so this show may not be for you if sexually active women are not your cuppa.)

The show is Australian, based on a series of mystery novels set in the 20s. I enjoyed the show overall but I love Miss Fisher (and also her clothes, which I want to steal). S1 is on Netflix; DVDs of S2 are coming out in the US in May.
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Josh Lyman and Donna Moss.
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The Mentalist might qualify? Still ongoing, in its sixth season (with three left to go for the season finale).

Do beware spoilers in the synopsis if you look it up on Wikipedia.

And on preview, seconding timsteil's recommendation of The West Wing.
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Bones (forensic bone scientist procedural) and Scandal (political drama) are both shows I enjoy that have this. Bones has a larger back catalog, and I think is a better show. I think it has a lot of similarities to Castle. Scandal has the relationship a bit more central but still not the point of the show.
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It's not non-US, but maybe consider Haven, a supernatural drama on Syfy. The main character is an awesome FBI special agent named Audrey Parker, who comes to a strange little town called Haven which, she discovers, is being visited by a recurring supernatural affliction. She ends up partnered (on the force) with a local cop, and makes a good friend of a local smuggler, and the growth of the relationships among them as the mystery/supernatural plot develops is enjoyable to watch.
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Have you seen "The Hour"? The first 2 seasons are available on Amazon Instant Video and it is one of the best TV series I've ever come across. It has some of the most acclaimed British actors in it including Ben Wishaw and Anna Chancellor. Ben Wishaw is in love with one of the female characters and she is in love with him, but they never do anything about it. Something always seems to get in the way. I highly recommend it.
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You need Farscape in your life!
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BBC Robin Hood, all the time. I think it's the only show I ever recommend here, but that's because it's the best and fulfills all your TV needs.
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Indeed, you need Farscape. John Crichton and Aeryn Sun are my all-time favorite television partners, and the development of the relationship goes far beyond "will-they/won't-they".
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...sci-fi, action and mysteries...

...a good show with a bonus cute couple...

Warehouse 13.
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I was going to say Bones. Along those lines . . . Crossing Jordan.
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Northern Exposure.
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Have you seen the BBC Musketeers yet? The will-they-or-won't-they gets solved pretty quickly with two of the leads, but there are (of course) complications, and Aramis is sort of a revolving door of will-they-or-won't-they. It's a very lighthearted, fun show all around, with lots of good action.
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Have you seen Fringe? It has a similar-ish feel to X-Files.
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The Good Wife. Four seasons free on Amazon Video if you have Prime. It's procedural-ish and has so much will-they-or-won't-they tension between so many potential couples.
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Bones and Chuck. (FWIW, Chuck has a really silly premise, but I really enjoy it.)
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Chuck is my current guilty pleasure. Not sayin it's a great show but ... it's pretty great.
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Check out old episodes of Remington Steele if you like Castle. HOO BOY, a lot of my romantic preferences in life were shaped by that show.
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The first few seasons of Lost had good shipping with Kate and Jack and Kate and Sawyer. I think they were called Jate and Skate in the online forums about the show.

Don't watch past the middle of the third season or so though. What a waste of time.
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Echoing immlass re: the sexy tension between the title character and the police detective in Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (and I covet that wardrobe as well, plus the house set). I watched Series 1 on Netflix, too, and coughed up a nominal subscription fee to watch Series 2 online at acorn.tv (which has both seasons).
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Eureka, too, if you missed it.
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Thank you all so much - so many good shows to choose from!
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Arrow is a great action show (based on DC's Green Arrow) and there's lots of will they won't they stuff going on between Oliver and his old flame Laurel and/or his nerdy cute IT girl Felicity, depending on your preferences.
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Sports Night might work. It's Aaron Sorkin's show from before West Wing.
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Blue Murder
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Coming back to say Covert Affairs! Annie and, ahem, spoilers, someone else whom you will doubtless identify very quickly, have a long multi-season slow-build romance arc, but there are also lots of fun side hookups for Annie on the way.
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Remington Steele
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If it's an older show, do you care how the show ended? And to clarify, you want heterosexual couples, yes?

Ideas and nth-ing:
Babylon 5
Remington Steele
Scarecrow and Mrs. King
Remember WENN
Stargate SG-1 (and some of Stargate Atlantis)
Forever Knight (...depending on how you answer the first question above)
The Invisible Man
Crossing Jordan
Warehouse 13
possibly the first two seasons of Sliders
Star Trek: TNG
Covert Affairs
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Dave and Lisa on NewsRadio don't play the Sam and Diane act for long (in fact, my understanding is that the shows creators deliberately wanted to take the whole Sam and Diane thing in a different direction), but after they get together, they have to play it super cool because no one at work can know. Plus, Maura Tierney & Dave Foley? Totally cute! And the show is still pretty funny, even after 20 (!!!) years.
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If you're up for some late 80s/early 90s British cheese then have a look at Lovejoy.
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Sleepy Hollow. Previously.
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Nthing Eureka.
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The Office, both the British and American versions. Not SciFi or a mystery, but it meets the other criteria.
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Oh my god I read this thread like four times looking for my own purposes and didn't notice that nobody had mentioned Veronica Mars. So... Veronica Mars.
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