Vasectomy in Portland?
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Looking for recommendations (as well as "stay the hell away from Dr. ~") for a vasectomy doctor in the Portland, Oregon metro area.

I spent 15+ years on the pill, and have been off it for the past 8 months. Now that my system has readjusted (and my libido is back), it's my husband's turn to take one for the team. We're 40 year olds who are happy dog owners and looking to add only more of the canine persuasion to our family.

Friends' preferred doctors have since retired (we're a little late to the game), so recommendations appreciated. We're in Tigard, but crossing the river is not a problem.
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My husband was neutered (his word not mine!) at The Center for Men's & Women's Urology several years back. It's Gresham so a bit of a hike from Tigard but Dr. Rockove did a fine job.
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Make sure you have it done by a board-certified urologist who uses a "no-needle no-scalpel" technique.
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came here to say what hush said, or mostly so. While I'm not sure about the "no needle" part, given that the anesthetic was delivered that way, I was sterilized (not '"neutered", Beti - presumbly he still retains his testicles!) via this "no-scalpel" technique in January, and I can highly recommend it. No outright pain, and only minimal discomfort during the procedure (seriously, the needle for the anesthetic was the worst part.) The whole thing took less than 20 minutes, in the urologist's office. I was more-or-less back to normal in a few hours, and had no proscribed activities after 72, nor have I noticed any side effects whatsoever.
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I found it to be nearly impossible to get it done through anyone other than my Insurance/PCP's preferred guy--despite the fact that they refused to cover it. That said, he did a fine job (this was Providence). I asked about the no scalpel and he said that everyone switched a few years ago 'cause it's easier/faster/etc., still worth double checking.

Note to bike commuters who may stumble upon this later (it's a Portland thread...): wait two weeks, you may feel fine after week one, but you need another week...
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