Who else did Jagermeister use for this series?
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Is there a site which has the full series of these Jagermeister ads which I would date (given they feature Klaus Nomi) as late 70s/early 80s? They appear to be from the US, but perhaps they're on a German-language site.
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I am 94% sure these are fake. I am having a hell of a time finding it again, but Dangerous Minds got me with a fake ad for cat food featuring Brian Eno once, and I somehow located the artist, who had a series doing strange celebrity endorsement ads.

Also, I was a big Klaus Nomi fan back when he was alive. I would have known about and remembered something like that extremely hard.

I will BRB if I find that artist, though, because it's bugging me now, so I'll probably keep looking.
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Well, it looks like I was wrong. Dangerous Minds has destroyed my ability to trust celebrity endorsements I see on Dangerous Minds.

This appears to be a real series of "small space" ads, and you can find more of them image searching for jagermeister small space, and this site has a few.
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To give you more data to help your search, the campaign seems to have come from the ad agency GGK in Germany as Magazine ads. Their US counterpart (GGK New York) seems to have designed the table top ads in your example. A few others here.
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I did wonder if they *were* pastiche, if only because of the 'my kind of girl', and that if alcohol ads shied away from showing two men drinking together as it implied homosexuality, would they really be likely to use an avant-garde punk cabaret singer in their ads back then?
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Who are the other figures in the ads? I wasn't alive back then and I'm neither German nor American...is one Boris Becker?
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I'm pretty old, and I don't recognize anyone else in the ads I've seen so far.

If you read the comments on this, it appears that the woman depicted in the "hold my liquor" one was not a celebrity, as they're just calling her 'the model.' And it says they were featured in New York magazine in the late 70s and early 80s.

So maybe this campaign wasn't celebrity themed at all, but just a localish NYC thing featuring fairly anonymous party people. Depending on the exact publication date, Nomi might not have really been seen as a celebrity yet, at least on a national level.
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Some of these ran in New York Magazine so you could always scour the archives in Google Books. Also, the ads were on facing pages, so Klaus Nomi would have been looking at the ad across the page.

I randomly found a few others...
Richie Stotts of the Plasmatics.
And this Singing Telegram guy may be Rick Burd.

Possibly a number of them were local New York "celebrities" whose fame has been lost to the passage of time.
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