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It's sunny outside and I always lose my sunglasses. Can someone recommend some reasonably stylish, classic-looking sunglasses, that actually protect your eyes (UV protection and Polarized, or at least UV)?

By cheap I'm thinking under $75 and hopefully less than that.
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If you have access to a Costco, I love my sunglasses I got there for less than $30. They fit well and are very durable.
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I was going to say the same thing. Costco's Kirkland brand sunglasses are high quality, cheap and the design is inoffensive.
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The sunglasses I got for under $10 at the 7-11 claim to block 99% of UVA/UVB radiation. They're definitely not as nice as the Costco ones, but I don't have to feel too bad about losing them or scratching them up when it inevitably happens.
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JiMarti They are not so classic but they are good sunglasses.

You can also find Bolle, Costa Del Mar, Oakley for discounted prices. I have bought great Bolle sunglasses at Sam's Club. Look on and other websites. They will often have styles from previous years on discount.

Also check out,, and They often sell designer sunglasses for less.

Right now: Sporty Eyewear at MyHabit, Smith Optics at RueLaLa and Gant Eyewear at Gilt
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I spent a long time in Target sunglasses, but I recently upgraded to Peppers, and they're a sweet spot between cheap and nice. Highly recommended. And they're all (I think) polarized.
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i got polarized, perfectly non-offensive ray-bans at costco for under $75. i totally back up the costco suggestion, if you can get in there.
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YMMV, but i also lose my sunglasses all the time and i've stopped buying them anywhere but thrift stores.

I have two pairs of not scratched up/generally good condition, vintage glass-lensed raybans which have all the protection you'd expect from current good sunglasses... and several other pairs(some bolle's, etc). The pair of raybans sitting on my desk was $2.99.

They also, imo, all look a bit nicer than the new ones that are knockoffs/reinterpretations of the old designs. That's secondary to the price, but still.

I didn't find them the first time i walked into the store, but it didn't take me that long.
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I usually have a whole bunch of Wayfarer clones of varying quality around, most of which are Peppers or Timberland branded - they're better than the $5 ones you get off the street, but not so expensive you're overly pissed when you lose or break them.
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Another vote for Peppers. REI has a wide selection of them for $35 or so.
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REI sells Peppers. Keep your receipt, and if they break then Peppers will mail you new ones for free. (Lose your receipt, and they charge you just twenty bucks for a new pair.)
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I got Puma brand at Costco for half the price of Ray-Bans and I actually like them better than Ray-Bans because they wrap around further on the sides to block more sunlight here in sunny Southern California.
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While I have never been accused of being stylish - these

Edge Eyewear TSK21-G15-7 Kazbek Polarized Safety Glasses, Black with G-15 Silver Mirror Lens

are the best, cheap polarized sunglasses I have found. They are $24 from amazon, don't scratch easily and double as safety glasses in a pinch...

I liked them much better than the Kirkland brand from Costco....
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Every so often I pick up a bundle of safety glasses from a place that sells welding or machine shop supplies. You can not beat the price and they have, oddly enough, a silly big selection of styles.
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