Connecting Winebottler to the Web
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I'm using the Winebottler program to install IE8 on my Mac (for testing a site). It looks great but doesn't seem to connect to the Web. Is there a fix for this?
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I would highly recommend VirtualBox + Microsoft's IE testing virtual machines (both free): One thing I also do with VirtualBox to avoid having to re-arm and ultimately replace the virtual machine is to save a Snapshot after getting the virtual machine up and running (enabling the 'bidirectional' shared clipboard, any shared folders, installing the VirtualBox tools, making sure the developer toolbar is installed, etc.). Get everything how you like it, open up IE, and then take a snapshot so 1) you start the VM in seconds rather than having to wait for it to boot every time, 2) it is always in a pristine state for testing, and 3) you don't have to set it up again 6 months later due to activation issues.

Here is the documentation for taking a snapshot of the machine state, and you just have to remember to revert to that state when you are done testing (rather than shutting down Windows). On a Mac, that is as easy as clicking the red button in the upper left of the window to close it, and selecting "Power off the machine" with "Restore current snapshot [snapshot name]" checked.

Finally, sorry we aren't living in the future and IE is still a thing. :)
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Thank you. I didn't know about MS's testing machines and will check them out today. I'm doing work for a union of people forced to use IE8 :(
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