Movies like "The Friends of Eddie Coyle"?
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I recently saw "The Friends of Eddie Coyle" and would like to watch mute movies with a similar feel and ideally though not necessarily the same Boston area setting. List of movies I've already seen below the cut.

This question is not just limited to crime movies. Something about the feel of the movie I liked.

Seen and really liked:

Friends of Eddie Coyle
Goodwill Hunting
Gone Baby Gone
The Paper Chase

Seen and liked:
The Town
Love Story
The Fighter
The Departed
The Cardinal
The Kennedys

Seen and didn't like as much:
Mystic River
High on Crack Street

Haven't Seen:
Monument Ave.
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I've also seen and liked "With Honors"
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Boondock Saints
The remake of Edge of Darkness
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The Verdict
The Boston Strangler
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The French Connection. Similar to Eddie Coyle in that gritty urban 70's look.
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In the genre of gritty movies featuring tough guys talking tough:

L.A. Confidential
Killing Them Softly
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well...going more by vibe then genre, maybe some of these (none set in Boston, tho):

Donnie Brasco
Taxi Driver
Ordinary People
Dead Poets Society
Thunderbolt & Lightfoot
Crossing the Bridge
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Killing Them Softly is based on a book by the same author who wrote The Friends Of Eddie Coyle, George Higgins. Very similar in tone.

Higgins was Elmore Leonard's favourite author, so any of the great EL adaptations might also be up your alley - Out Of Sight, Jackie Brown, or Get Shorty.
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