How can I vote in California's June 3rd election?
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I'll be leaving the country in early May and won't return before early August, but I'd like to vote in California's June 3rd primary election. How can I do it?

I'm a California resident (Santa Clara County) and a permanent vote-by-mail voter. I've voted through the mail before, but I don't remember when the ballot arrives, except substantially before the official election. It'd be great if I received the ballot at home in the next week or so, but what about my other options? Should I sign up as an overseas voter, since I'll have a fixed address overseas that I could mail the ballot to? Can I request the ballot early? Thanks!
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Go to the horse's mouth.

No answer here will be better than what they can hook you up with.
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You can request your absentee ballot be sent to any arbitrary location, so you could have it sent to you overseas. Just allow plenty of time to mail it back.

Alternatively, early voting in Santa Clara starts May 5. If you'll still be here, you can go to the Registrar of Voters' Office and vote just like normal. If you plan to do this, I'd call the county first since you're a permanent vote-by-mail voter to undo that.
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