I drank vinegar, and now i'm painfully bloated, what to do?
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I drank 1 teaspoon of vinegar (which is 5 years old) with a half cup of water this morning, (for health benefits). Now I am painfully bloated and I assume it's related. My pant won't fit and my stomach is killing me. Was it the vinegar? and What can I do to fix it? Thanks. I am a 58 year old Mexican woman and I know you are not my doctor
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If you can buy something with simethicone in it (e.g. Gas-X), it will help. Take lots; it has almost no side effects.

If you are at home, I have found that a really warm bath (or heating pad) can help the pain.

Advil or another pain reliever will also help.

I'm so sorry; this can really cause problems.

And yes, I think the vinegar is a likely cause.
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2nd the simethicone. Feel better soon!
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Have you tried to pass a bowel movement? It might help.
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I already had a bowel movement. I will send my some to buy some simethicone now. Anything else?
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I've written it out before but now I can't find it. So here it is again.

1) Lay down on your back (I prefer the floor) and rub your stomach.
2) Start with the palm of your hand on the left side of your stomach by your rib. Rub across in a Z formation down to your gut/pelvis.
3) Continue this motion (starting up by your rib, ending down by your pelvis) about 10 times.
4) Curl into the fetal position onto your side, then rock from one side to the other. For example if you start on your left side, roll over to your right. Do this about 10 times.
5) Lay on your back and lift your hips up.
6) Repeat.

I found this online and it WORKS! (I can't find the site again, but basically a woman was told to do this after surgery from her nurse.) You have to do cycles of this, but it will get your bowels moving and will allow you to pass gas. It's worked for me when I have been crying from gas pain. You can also try walking, but this always worked much better for me.
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If nothing else, lie on your back with your knees elevated.

When your son had had as a baby, you used to lay him down on his back and bicycle his legs. If lying on your back isn't enough, bicycle your legs.

Crystalline's advice above is great and complete.
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i don't think it's the vinegar, one teaspoon of vinegar ain't nuthin', and i routinely pour that amount of even older and better balsamic vinegar over vanilla ice cream with no ill effects.

you didn't say how much you weigh, and a gentleman would never ask a lady this question even on the internet, but it's obviously a relevant factor.

the active ingredient in vinegar is acetic acid, which can be neutralized with a small amount of baking soda (no more than you can heap on a fingernail), but this will produce carbon dioxide, which means additional bloating until it all goes away with a mighty belch of satisfaction.
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Woops. That was my mom posting from my laptop. My mom is the question asker kikithekat
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You can also try sipping on warm chamomile tea and put a hot pack on your stomach. If you don't have a hot pack, wet a face cloth, wring it out and put it in a large plastic freezer ziplock bag - zap in the microwave for 45 seconds, repeat as necessary.
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could you explain what you were trying to treat? A teaspoon of vinegar does not sound like a lot - I'm not saying these symptoms could not be related, but I would also want to make sure these symptoms are not related to whatever you were taking the vinegar for in the first place?
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I dunno if it's just the placebo effect or what, but it seems that I can usually get gas out much faster if I stick my butt up higher than the rest of my digestive system. Basically like the yoga position downward-facing dog. If that's uncomfortable you can get on your knees instead of your feet and use a pillow for support.
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