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I've been having various on-and-off problems varying from madigestion to bloating, etc. I've been seeing a doctor. I'm interested in keeping a food diary for the purposes of figuring out which foods, if any, are causing my issues.

Specifically, I'm interested in an application for my iPhone. I've seen many calorie counters, but I'd rather not go that route mostly because I don't necessarily care about calories. It would be great if it had a "mood" or similar section where I could write down how I was feeling a while or so after eating. Even better if it is specifically for GI issues. Thanks!
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Instead of looking for food trackers, I would look at something like a mood, health, or medication log. I haven't used iOS in awhile (so I can't recommend specific ones), but there were a number of them, and they were very customizable so that you could log what happened (what you ate) and how you felt several times a day.
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Best answer: Food Allergy Detective looks like it might do what you want.
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Response by poster: Zophi: That looks good for now, though it looks like unless I know exactly what's in the food I am eating, I'll have to add things manually. Thanks!
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It took me a really long time to discover that I had a fructose sensitivity, its apparently rather common but the US medical system for some reason is barely aware that it exists. I'd recommend taking a look at the list of symptoms and if they're even mildly applicable to you then seek out hydrogen breath testing - its quite simple and painless.

But more to your topic - I'm also a coder and have looked for mobile apps to track food and also supplements and try to match that to symptoms/moods/etc. I haven't found anything satisfactory, and have had the idea of making my own kicking around in my head for a while. I won't have the time to actually build it in the next few months, but if you have any specific desires or ideas for what you would want it to do, let me know (or send a message!)
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