Revolution Slider help?
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I've installed a new theme on two sites, followed the same instructions for both, but on one the Revolution Slider doesn't seem to be working properly. On my beta site, the text on the slider looks nice and pretty, flying in and properly sized. On the alpha site, the text isn't looking right at all. Any Wordpress/coding heads have any ideas why this is happening?

I believe I followed the same instructions to install both, and even tried to go from scratch on the alpha site to ensure I didn't miss a step, but the problem remains. (I'm assuming I missed SOMETHING, but no idea what).
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Looks like alpha site is missing the bit that tells it to use google fonts.
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I mean, there are so many reasons a thing might not be working in Wordpress. I assume you're not hand coding the slider in. Not that that would be a bad thing; just that the trend is for most templates to include an integrated top slider.

Since you got the slider working on one server and not the other, I would suggest reviewing the plugin settings on the backend. You probably messed something up. Does the slider support Google Fonts? Does it have a place where you need to list the Google Fonts that you're using? That sort of thing.

ThemePunch might also offer support. I might also be totally old-school on this but I would rather use PNG transparencies than rely on embedded fonts.
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A separate Google Fonts plug in doesn't appear to be required, nor do I have one installed on either site (including the one where the slider works perfectly).
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You don't need a plug in. You need to call google fonts up in your css, though. The alpha site css does NOT match what is on the beta site.
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Yeah I'm talking more about a rev slider settings page, not a separate plugin. Maybe try a fresh install. I mean look, since this working for you on the beta site, the only other explanation is a host server-level problem but I've never heard of anything like that before.

I think what I'm trying to say is that Udita is using a third-party slider so maybe it's something small and not readily apparent that you missed and slipped through the cracks. Along the lines of this reported problem.
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I figured it out -- on the initial beta install, I was allowed to upload a settings zip file to Rev Slider. But the Alpha site didn't allow this, and I had just uploaded a different file. I had to separately FTP a CSS file that was included in the zip.

Many thanks for the help!
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