If I had a hammer ... I'd still want to buy this at a store
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I need a product exactly like this slim rolling pantry shelf, to hold canned goods and spices in the small space next to my refrigerator. Difficulty level: No hammer.

OK I actually do have a hammer. But I don't have a drill, I don't have any carpentry skills, and I don't WANT to build one.

Directions for the project are here:

Surely somewhere someone MUST have produced something like this for the market? There are some rolling pantry shelves in 10" width, but there's only about 6" of space to work with in my kitchen. Amazon has a narrow one, but it is only about 3' tall.

Any leads greatly appreciated!
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You could very easily hack a bookshelf if you can't find this. And if you can't hack a bookshelf, a friend or Craigslist DIY person could, I'm sure.
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Stack two 3’ on top of each other and screw them together?
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Mods feel free to delete, of course, since I'm not actually answering the question but it is worth considering that that space can get pretty warm from the exhaust of the fridge. I'm not sure how it would affect canned good but I suspect it's going to decrease the shelf life of spices pretty significantly. And you might also consider how it will restrict the air circulation of your fridge (which could make your fridge work harder and decrease it's lifespan, too).

Maybe consider storing other stuff there (tupperware, infrequently used kitchen gadgets) and store the food in a cooler spot.
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Slim Spice Rack Rolling Kitchen Laundry Room Storage Compact Can Organization

34-1/4" x 25-1/4" x 3-1/2"
Three colors, White, Natural or Black. This listing is for 1 White Slim Storage but if you want a different color please message me at time of sale.
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I'm intrigued by the stacked setup in this customer image for this inexpensive 30" plastic unit on amazon.

If you look at this other customer image, it looks like the basic unit is assembled out of modular tiers fitted together: wheels + bottom tray + risers + middle tray + risers + top tray. I think what the customer with the stacked setup has done is used two kits and done wheels + bottom tray 1 + risers + bottom tray 2 + risers + middle tray 1 + risers + middle tray 2 + risers + top tray.
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Oh, even more to the point: discussion of stacking this unit.
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Like beti said, having that space around your fridge is part of the installation of a fridge. If there'd still be a couple of inches left go for it, otherwise you might want to reconsider.
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I agree completely that the fridge needs room around it for air circulation; but I wonder if using a small wire rack unit might allow some of the airflow to continue.

My suggestion is this item on Amazon:

Atlantic Maxsteel Media Rack.

It's not wheeled, so you'd still need to work out how to do it. Maybe furniture sliders under the feet. Maybe a hardware store or The Container Store will have wheels that fit in the tubes.
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Rev-a-shelf makes just what your looking for.
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Thanks! I mentioned to a friend that I wanted one, and he knocked it out in an hour while I made spaghetti carbonara. It's keen!
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